To have access to our services and make use of our platform, you must be a member. Membership registration of KINGSGATES is easy. However, there are four (4) membership plans available for now. These plans are as follows:
1. Starter – Registration fee is N5,000
2. Average – Registration fee is N10,000
3. High Class: Registration for the High Class is N20,000
4. Millionaires Club: Registration is N50,000

Note: KINGSGATES makes use of discount codes/coupons/pins to activate users’ accounts. A PIN costs N500 only.


To register as a member of Kingsgates, please follow the instructions below:

1. Visit
2. Contact any KINGSGATES Province Leader of your choice and ask for a PIN corresponding to the membership plan of your choice (See KINGSGATES Province Leaders here)
3. Scroll down to the membership plans
4. Select your desired membership plan
5. Input your details in the Citizens Registration Form when page opens
6. Input your account details when you are prompted in the dashboard. (Please see how to update your account details here)
6. Activate your PIN by following instructions on pin activation here.


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